IG: @grooyrunner - Will Kim

Hey Everyone!  Off Road USA is excited to introduce to you Will Kim OR known on Instagram as @groovyrunner.  

Will is originally from Oahu Hawaii, he is an ex-Jeep rider, avid snowboarder, fisherman, real estate broker, mountain biker, golfer, hiker, paddle boarder and as I am sure you can tell an ALL OUT outdoors enthusiast (can't blame him).  After being raised on the island of Oahu, and later moving to California you can tell that the outdoors has always been in Wills blood.

Since Will could drive he has owned an off road vehicle of some sort.  His first vehicle, at the age of 16, was a Jeep Cherokee and then owned 4 Jeeps since.  BUT as of a few years ago Will converted over to the @4RunnerOffRoadUSA community and hasn't looked back!  

You can find Will chilling lake side with a 

 due to the need for space and family comfort on drives. One of the things I loved best about owning a Jeep was the endless modifications available for it. I bought the Pro version of the 4Runner thinking it had enough stock that would suit my needs. Then I discovered the 4Runner community and all the options available to mod and there goes my money. Nothing left of the Pro except some red stitching on the head rests. 


My hobbies include everything outdoors: Snowboarding, fishing, mt biking, golf, offroading, hiking, camping, shooting, paddle boarding and my favorite of all, lounging lake side with a cooler full of beer. I’ve been commonly referred to as the jack of all trades as I have and will try most anything.  Fishing is my biggest passion be it on a boat offshore fishing for Tuna, or the serenity of fly fishing the streams. Fishing and trail driving I have found to be the best way for me to escape the stressors of the week by unplugging and keeping my mind off those stressors. It frees my mind. 


The 4runner has been the absolute best vehicle for my lifestyle today and have no regrets switching from Jeeps. Also, the 4Runner community is the best that I’ve experienced. I’ve met some of the most awesome peeps and they’ve been so helpful as I started this journey. I’m still learning. 


I call Orange County my home but I also own a place in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I used to go up so many times a year in all seasons renting so I decided to just buy my own place. I spend most of my time in the Eastern Sierras doing all the things I love to do. 


Another passion of mine is cooking and have slowly been prepping my recipes for easier and quicker cooking outdoors. I love cooking for people and watching them enjoy what i make. Yeah I’m that guy trying to feed everyone. Maybe I can convert my 4runner into an offroading catering truck feeding campers in remote locations. :)


Key Mods

AlphaRex Pro headlights

C4 Full Steel Skids

C4 LoPro Bumper with high clearance


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