In today’s article we unveil our favourite ARB Bumpers for the 3rd Gen, 4th Gen and 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. We spent countless hours researching our vast product inventory of over 350,000 products. If you are in the market for an ARB bumper for your Toyota 4Runner then this list is definitely for you!

ARB bumpers are amazing because they are not only great for off-road conditions, but they also add a bold and stylish look to your Toyota 4Runner as well. Additionally, they function as a full bumper replacement and have been manufactured by world-class engineers. So, without further ado, check our top picks below!

The Best 3rd Gen 4Runner ARB Bumper

Bumper guards provide an extra layer of protection on your more remote adventures, giving you peace of mind as you explore uncharted territories.  It also provides a sturdy mounting place for other equipment you might need on your journey, like winches or lights. 

If you are looking for an ARB bumper for your 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner, you may be out of luck. We searched both our inventory and a variety of other online stores and unfortunately were unable to find any matching products. With that said some good BRANDS to consider in place of a 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner Include:

  • Coastal Offroad Bumpers
  • SRQ Fabrications
  • True North Fabricaitons

Unfortunately, there are not many 3rd Gen 4Runner Bumper options on the market, however, we are looking into sourcing more of these products in the future, so stay tuned!

Some people in forums have succesfully modified Tacoma ARB bumpers, however, this is an option that requires a lot of modifcaiton and is not nessecarily an option we recommend.

The Best 4th Gen 4Runner Arb Bumper

Put worries of dents and scrapes to rest with a quality bumper guard as you traverse the unexplored outback.  Providing function, style, and a place to mount extra equipment, these devices are a popular choice for the adventurer and their 4th Generation 4Runner.  Of all the options on the market, we think we found the best option for you!

Our # 1 Pick: The ARB Combar Suit ARB Fog 4 Runner03-05 9-9.5

4th Gen 4Runner ARB Bumper (Early Stage)

This bumper guard offers top quality defence while also delivering fully on style. Unlike a typical guard, this particular model uses a unique, well engineered mounting system which completely replaces the factory bumper!  This apparatus offers Toyota 4Runner drivers a unique experience as a fully integrated piece of equipment.

Reasons to Consider This ARB Combar Suit ARB Fog 4 Runner03-05 9-9.5:

  • Offers quality protection in remote areas
  • Replaces factory bumper, fully integrating into vehicle
  • Manufactured with durable steel
  • Sleek and tapered design
  • Compatible with a variety of front end vehicle add-ons
  • Also makes grea 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Tacoma ARB Bumpers

Our #2 Pick: The ARB Combar Suit ARB Fog 4 Runner06-09 9-9.5

4th Gen 4Runner Bumper (Late Stage)


This bumper guard protects your vehicle in style– and, unlike other models, fully integrates with your 4Runner by replacing the factory bumper. With its tough steel design and stylish appearance, this is the perfect, functional add-on for an adventurer like you!

Reasons to Consider The ARB Combar Suit ARB Fog 4 Runner06-09 9-9.5:

  • Made with quality, durable steel
  • Protects your vehicle in remote areas
  • Fully integrates with vehicle by replacing factory bumper
  • Compatible with many other add-ons
  • Beautiful tapered design

The Best 5th Gen 4Runner Arb Bumper

Do you love exploring the great outdoors in your 5th Generation 4Runner?  Do you worry about the forces of nature damaging the front of your vehicle?  Many adventurers like yourself choose to protect their transport with a bumper guard.  Bumper guards provide function, style, and a place to put extra equipment.  We have looked at the many options available, and we think this one is the best!

Our Overall #1 Pick: The ARB Combar Suit ARB Fog 4 Runner10-13 9-9.5

5th Gen 4Runner Bumper (Early Stage)


Any addition to your vehicle should be both functional and stylish, which is why we chose this one.  It is a unique product, as it fully integrates with your vehicle by replacing the factory bumper.  Manufactured with tough, durable steel, this bumper guard is sure to deliver you safely through all of your adventures!

Reasons to Consider The ARB Combar Suit ARB Fog 4 Runner10-13 9-9.5:

  • Provides a mount for additional equipment
  • Tough, durable steel design
  • Protects your vehicle against the elements
  • Stylish, tapered design
  • Fully integrates with your vehicle

Our #2 Pick: The ARB Summit Bar Textured ARB Fogii 4 Runner 14On

5th Gen 4Runner Bumper (Later Stage)


Our #2 pick for ARB Bumpers for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner covers later models whereas our first pick covers earlier Models. If you are in the market for a 2014+ Toyota 4Runner ARB Bumper then definitely consider giving this bumper a go!

Reasons to Consider To Consider The ARB Bumper For Your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner:

  • Manufactured for durability by world-class engineers
  • Protects your vehicle in harsh off-road conditions
  • Can usually be shipped with 2-3 business days
  • Guaranteed to last a long-time

The Best 3rd Gen, 4th Gen and 5th Gen 4Runner ARB Bumpers Conclusion

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