Casey Ngo @kcsaysngo

Vehicle: 19’ Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Off Road

Casey AKA The Supreme Leader, a name given to him by the crew is just that, a true leader. This man is not only the creator of Rig.Talk but has been an integral part of bringing a whole community of individuals from all walks of life together to share our love and passion for the outdoors, off-roading, camping, and overlanding. Not just in SoCal but pockets throughout the United States.  His vision was not only to bring this community together but to give back to those in need. If you’ve ever been to a Rig.Talk event, then you know it’s always attached to a charity of some sort.  You can catch him with his Sony A7riii hanging off sliders ready to hop off and snap some epic photos at a moments notice.  If you’ve never seen him just look for the tallest tatted up Asian guy and if you don’t see him you’ll probably hear him first for his voice tends to cut through a crowd of hundreds.  Casey coordinates and maps out all the trips from beginning to end.  Catch him at camp whipping up some fire bulgogi tacos and vibing to a sweet 90’s R&B playlist.  If you’re in his inner circle there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you.  He’ll give you the shirt off his back. He’s proof that you can accomplish anything as long as you have a vision.  


Jimmy Im @jimmyspeeks_

Vehicle: 06’ Lexus GX470

Jimmy has been an integral part of the success behind Rig.Talk since the earlier days back in 2017. You’ll often find this dude spitting 16 bars & whipping up some amazing Chicken Porridge at camp. He is the master of tetris, one does not understand the meaning of packing light LOL!

Jimmy, is also the Media Manager for Rig.Talk. He’s that guy grabbing a ton of footage at all of our events, weekend trips & one day benders. On the weekends he spends his spare time strengthening his amateur plus sized modeling career & is what they call a “Tinder expert.”  


Jacob Cutting @Mag4rnr

Vehicle: 19’ Toyota 4runner SR5

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Jacob & having him on the Rig.Talk team. You probably know him best for his amazing photos on instagram & hilarious captions. Jacob is a member of the Rig.Talk Media team and is responsible for some of our best flicks to date. Although he is a quiet guy, get one or two shots in him & ITS SHOTTTTT TIME!

He is also been linked to some of the cleanest Viper Cuts in the community for Tacos, 4R & GX’s.



Brandon Hegg @expo_t4r

Vehicle: 17’ Toyota 4runner TRD Offroad Premium

B-BAR! This is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this Air Force Vet. Why you ask? Well, Brandon always comes stocked with a full arsenal of mobile liquor, beers & white claws; let’s not forget about the snacks either! The best part? The B-BAR never closes and you don’t have to get there before 10PM to make the guest list. One of the original Rig.Talk dudes, Brandon has been there since day 1, he’s a “sick ass fool.” He also has one of the most complete 4runners in the game. Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!




Connor Nicosia @trail_tx4r

Vehicle: 16’ Toyota 4runner Trail Edition

Over the years, you’ve probably seen Connor running our raffle booths at all the Rig.Talk events. I would definitely be nice to this dude if you see him around, he’s the gatekeeper to raffle tickets lol. This dude is never afraid to get his hands dirty and lend a hand whenever needed. 

Connor, is on our events team; along with his wife Vivian they do a tremendous job making sure our events are ran smoothly. I’ve been trying to figure out if this Texas boy was supposed to be born Asian? He makes some of the most incredible asian fusion dishes at camp! He’s always down to wrench on rigs at any time! If you can’t find him, just listen for his ring tone…. “Baby lock them doors & turn the lights down low.”



Duke Nguyen @raw_runner

Vehicle: 19’ Toyota 4runner TRD Offraod Premium

The life of the party I would say. This man is known for his hilarious speeches, fire dance moves & getting his rig stuck for no reason LOL!

Duke is new to the off-roading scene but isn’t afraid to try any trail. He also is the designated tent buddy. If you need somewhere to sleep on a camping trip, Duke’s tent is always available. Owning his Gazelle for almost a year now he has only slept in it alone once, haha.

On his spare time he is a newly addicted Pokemon card collector & soon to be the worlds #1 ranked Pokemon trainer. 



Troy Pigneri @dustyovrlnd

Vehicle: 16’ Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Spot

The lone Jeeper in our band of misfits, Troy has solidified his spot on the squad. These days you will find Troy on every single trip & always down to help wherever needed. Most of the time, Troy get’s to drive his truck home; other times triple AAA is on speed dial. All jokes aside we are thrilled to have him on the team & can’t wait to see his progression on his newly found photography hobby.




Huey Tran @toyolo_

Vehicle: 17’ Toyota 4Runner TRD Offroad Premium

The resident camp DJ! Huey, will often be found in the middle of the campsite spinning some rad tunes. My guy has been in the game for a long time, previously owning a dope FJ cruiser. This dude has been around since the start of Rig.Talk & an extremely knowledgable guy. Do not mess with this dude, he trains in JuJitsu and will toss you for fun.



Trevor Hahn @ohtrevor

Vehicle: 99’ Toyota 4runner 5 speed SR5

The man, the myth, the legend, the raffle king. Trevor is the definition of Jack of All Trades, he can do it all. The camp mechanic & chef at the same damn time! Always willing to get his hands dirty, break a few things & be available at all times. You’ve probably seen some of the amazing Rig.Talk camp meals, they are 80% of the time made by this dude! If you’ve attended a Rig.Talk event, then you will probably notice this tall dude. He’s that one dude with a mean mustache asking you to pull a raffle ticket out of a box or hat. Let’s not forget to mention his third gen is definitely one of the cleanest in the game!


Jose Macias @hosemang

Vehicle: 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-road Premium 

The Yakisoba king! Jose is known for making this dish at camp, it is delicious. Do not look him in the eyes for too long as you will be mesmerized by his piercing green eyes. And if he has his Frenchie Boba with him, it’s game over! An awesome girl Dad and amazing friend, he is always down to get his hands dirty on a mod day.  If you ever catch him in the streets or trail mobbing in his 4Runner, remember DO NOT make eye contact! 


Van Huynh @van_nimal

Vehicle: 2019 Trd Offroad 

We call him the Vanimal... Due to the fact that he roars like a screaming beast at the end of a night filled with adult beverages. He’s been an OG in the off-roading game & has been 21 for 40 years. He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to trail repairs with his extensive experience doing races in Baja.  He regrets selling his built FJ every single day but his Taco is well on its way!

Phil Convissor @philconvissor
Vehicle : 2021 Jeep Eco Disel JLUR
The navy vet, Phil has already served our country and set the bar extremely high for everyone. Phil was known for his sick FJ and then his awesome wrapped ZR2.
Phil has been in the game for a while and taught so many of us the ins n outs of the off road scene. On the weekends he loves washing his car with his shirt off and dabbling in a little bit of arm wrestling. This man is also a huge part of our media team and we couldn’t be happier to have him!